6B Newsletter 3/6/2015


March 6, 2015

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Hewitt A-2) When students presented their posters, I looked especially for it being neat and complete. We shared with smaller groups and learned the importance of eye contact, pacing, and how to use a “hook” to grab the audience’s attention.  We will start reading the novel, Where the Red Fern Grows. I encourage you to read this along with your child. The focus on vocabulary and comprehension, as well as a couple major writing assignments. Generally there is the new state testing system is on the horizon too, so we will to practice tests with our iPads. My overall aim is to alleviate any stress with test taking, giving them multiple strategies.

Reading: (A-2) Mrs. Gover worked with the students on some fun Keys to Literacy approach to find the central idea of a reading selection. We will continue reading and analyzing the novel, Flipped.  It is interesting to see how quickly Julianna’s opinion of Bryce changes once he disappoints her.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)We are currently working on Fraction Operations, which is Chapter 5 in the textbook. Students have already worked with Least Common Denominators, so we’re seeing how this ties into adding and subtracting fractions. Over the next couple of weeks, we will also work on Integers and Coordinate Graphing by the end of next week. We will also spend more time using BuzzMath to prepare for the PARCC test.

Reading: (A-3)We have switched our focus to Nonfiction books and the students chose either the story of Apple or Facebook. We have been talking about visions and inspiration. In addition, we have done more word roots and vocabulary building activities.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4)Students have moved on to our shortest unit of the year, which is Russia. Within Russia, we will examine how it’s physical features and location have influenced it’s climate, which has also played a role in it’s economic and population development. Furthermore, we will review some of Russia’s turbulent history, from the age of czars to its current role in the modern world.

Reading: (A-4) A4 reading is nearly done with Escape from Warsaw. We have finished the novel and worked on a concluding activity outlining the travels of the children.  From here, I am so excited that our reading class will commence using LightSail, an iPad app reading program that has received rave reviews from other 6th grade reading classes.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Rafferty D102)We have finished our earthquake unit and are now working on volcanoes. The students constructed their earthquake-proof houses and the simulation went well. Many houses and eggs survived the shake test. This week Mr. Musselman did an earthquake presentation for the students and it was very well received. We are now discussing the three types of volcanoes (cinder, composite, and shield) and their accompanying type of eruption, either explosive or quiet.

Reading, (D102)Students have completed their culminating group projects for our last novel, The River. The groups gave their presentations this week and they were excellent. Our next novel is a mystery by Agatha Christie entitled And Then There Were None. Mrs. Gover recently worked with the students to create a character web to track clues about the characters in this novel.


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