6B Newsletter 5/6/2016


May 6, 2016

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) This week we have concluded our poetry unit. Students have written three poems of their own and have listened to and read many poems from other students. Students also had fun making videos for their book report project – a talk show on which they play the role of the main character from their book while being interviewed by a show host. Their answers should reflect the depth of their understanding of the character. We have also begun a unit on adjectives and are learning about the importance of using descriptive adjectives appropriately in our writing. Next week we will move on to adverbs.

Reading: (A-2) Students are continuing with their novels about differently-abled characters. The timing is appropriate as we recently attended an assembly featuring residents of Burlington who bravely demonstrated their different abilities.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3) Students have just completed the PARCC testing for Math and I know they are anxious to do some hands-on projects relating to Geometry. In the earlier part of next week students will complete the Stock Market Project that will be displayed during the spring Open House. In addition, students have been given the opportunity to receive some extra credit by completing a recipe project where they have to make food and use their knowledge of multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers to modify the recipe for a larger or smaller group of people. There is a component of the project that will also get the students extra credit points in Social Studies if they pick a recipe from a different country. Once Open House has taken place, we will dive right into Geometry vocabulary by having students complete a scavenger hunt using their iPads to take pictures of items from around the school that are examples of the Geometry terms.

Reading: (A-3)

Students have finally finished Mr. Conley’s book and we are dividing up into teams to create projects relating to themes addressed in the novel.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4)

Our unit on Asia has begun and students should now be able to locate many of the larger nations in Asia, like China, India, Mongolia, Japan, etc.  We have also started to focus on eastern Asia, including comparing China, Mongolia and Taiwan. From there, we will examine Japan and the Koreas before moving on to south and southeast Asia.  A large focus on this unit is applying vocabulary words and analysis skills developed earlier in the year to draw conclusions about the various nations and their economic and cultural standards. There will be an Asia map quiz next week.  Weekly map quizzes continue to be given each week.  I look forward to seeing you at Open House next Wednesday, so students can show off their diversity mini projects. They look awesome! Furthermore, I am working with Mrs. Crowley on an open house extra credit assignment that involves reseaching food ingredients and mapping out their countries of export.  Please look for that to come home soon!

Reading: (A-4)

We are finishing our novel and will be deciding what to do next.  We also completed a reader’s theatre activity on the Salem Witch Trials, and students were successfully able to determine how the Salem Witch Trials relate to our novel in terms of theme, not setting.  

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102)   We completed our unit of studies on Weathering and Erosion and will be moving on to soil studies and Fossils. This will then take us the the geological timeline of the earth and the history of the Eras.  Students are currently working on their diversity projects which will be on display at Open House on May 11th. These projects will highlight different initiatives countries are taking to help keep our planet healthy and GREEN.  We will be visiting the Christa Mc Auliffe Space Center for our science field trip  the end of this month. Field trip information will be forthcoming soon.

Reading (D102)   In reading we spent some time working on an analytic essay with Mrs.Gover to help prepare  for the recent PARCC ELA test. In the next few weeks we hope to complete The London Eye Mystery and  enjoy some pleasure reading.


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