6B Newsletter 6/5/2015


June 5, 2015

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Hewitt A-2) As the year is winding to a close, I have a few more topics to complete. Students are working in class and at home on a How-to Project. Mostly the explanatory paragraphs are done, but students need to complete the visual and plan presentation. The presentations should be around 5 minutes each. Now is the time for kids to show off their talents and explain clearly. Look on classroom for the rubric please. Presentations will run Wednesday through Friday…and possibly into Monday the following week.

Biographies should be submitted on Google Classroom, please follow the specific info. needed for each paragraph. They should be mostly 1 page or at most 1 ½.

Soon we will read the Willy Wonka play in class and have our traditional ice cream party. Please inform me or have your child inform me of any allergies. I can purchase ice pops as well. Thank you.

Reading: (A-2) We continue to work on our guided reading packets and reading The River. I am very happy with my students progress in fluency and comprehension this year.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)Students have just finished and presented their Geometry projects using Explain Everything and they looked great! Over the next couple of weeks, we will work on Volume, Surface Area, and the Pythagorean Theorem. Also, we will spend time learning how to solve two step algebraic equations to prepare them for 7th grade. In order to successfully complete these more difficult problems, we will have to spend some time reviewing all four operations using integers, inverse operations, and combining like terms.

Reading: (A-3) We are continuing our work on the novel Among the Hidden and keeping pace with each other so no one spoils the exciting parts for others! In addition, students are also able to read a novel of their choice since they have made such great strides using Lightsail/

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4) We have moved onto our unit on Africa. Students are familiarizing themselves with some of the nations on this continent, as well as some major physical features like the Kalahari Desert and Great Rift Valley. We have also discussed how Africa’s location makes it a mirror image climate-wise.  Next, we will spend some time on the colonization/scramble for Africa and how that affected it’s current HDI status and conflicts. From here, we move onto Australia and Oceania.

Reading: (A-4)Students in A4 reading are winding down the novel And Then There Were None.  We are continuing to use the LightSail app to work on comprehension and analysis. A4 readers are very much enjoying the Readers Theatre approach to reading.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Rafferty D102) We are just wrapping up our unit on topography. Students have learned basic topography information and can now identify various symbols on these types of maps. They were given a quiz on this information this week. We are now moving on to our Astrology unit where we’ll be discussing moon phases, solar and lunar eclipses, and changing seasons.

We have been doing some class activities to prepare for our field trip to the Christa McAuliffe Center at Framingham State University. Students will be told if their session is scheduled for June 8 or June 9. While there, students will participate in a space mission simulation and will visit the center’s planetarium.

Reading, (D102)We are continuing to read our novel Among the Impostors by Margaret Haddix. Luke has been struggling as he tries to find his way in the new world that is now his life. Mrs. Gover has completed vocabulary activities with the students and we continue to have summarizing discussions. Students will be taking the  i-Ready reading test this week.


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5 06 2015
MSMS Newsletter 6/5/2015 | Marshall Simonds Middle School

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