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November 20, 2017

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) We are concluding a grammar unit on verbs (action-helping-linking) and next week will review the types of sentences, subjects and predicates, and fragments and run-ons. The following week we will practice using adjectives as descriptive details, appreciate the importance of word choice, and using a Thesaurus. We are preparing students with the basic tools they’ll need to write a creative short story.

Reading (A2) We have finished reading The Dead Man Story, having learned that everyone has a story and that stories and storytelling are important to our society. Students completed a Wanted Poster featuring their prime suspect as a culminating project. Next up we will host a ‘Book Tasting’ to sample five books that we are considering for our next reading choice: Esperanza Rising, Gossamer, Uglies, Among the Hidden, and Out of My Mind.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)Over the next couple of weeks, we will first finish up Chapter 3 in the textbook with a focus on math properties and how we can apply them to combine like terms. In addition, we will start Chapter 4, which deals with the Area of Polygons. There will be a quick review utilizing a top down web to compare and contrast different types of polygons before we examine the different area formulas. Students will use the formulas to connect it back to Algebra.

Reading (A3)We will spend the new couple of weeks finishing the novel Uglies and will move on to the book Flipped. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen tells the story of two youngsters whose diverse views of their relationship evolve over many years until those perspectives are “flipped.”

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4) We are firmly entrenched in our unit on South America.  By now, students have an overview of where the different nations are located as well as some major physical features that create this region.  Students have successfully applied their knowledge of physical features to create climate maps, and then used both types of maps to predict land use and location of major cities.   Additionally, we have begun a focus on Brazil, examining its culture and different landscapes including the Amazon Basin and urban areas of Rio and Sao Paulo.

Reading (A4) We are working our way through Among the Hidden, focusing on vocabulary, comprehension and citing text evidence to draw conclusions and create imagery.  Students are also working on vocabulary building using the World’s Worst Pet app and root word activities.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102) We are working on the theories of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics and the scientists who discover these. The students have read Newsela articles and seen a demonstration of  how the plates float on the Asthenosphere  with a hot cocoa mantle  model. We will be moving on to the movement of the plates and some of the results we can see from this in our world.

Reading (D102)  Hoot  is winding down, as we start to wrap up vocabulary lesson with Mrs. Gover, students are building proficiency in categorizing and root word identification. Ms. Pavliceck will be coming in to do a Bird of Prey show to close out the book. Our next book will be a variety of non-fiction stories.

HEALTH: (Ms. Eovine) Students will analyzing tobacco advertisements and looking at the creative ways tobacco companies  try to hook smokers at a young age.  Students will then work with a partner designing “Truthful” Ads telling people the dangers, social and emotional consequences of smoking or using smokeless tobacco products


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