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June 1,  2018

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) This week we began learning about the importance of effective persuasion. Students are working with a partner to research, organize, and write a five-paragraph essay on a chosen topic. Choices include: Should students be paid to do well in school? Should schools stop giving homework? Should we use robots to do the jobs that humans now do? Should people live for hundreds of years? Mini-lessons will focus on understanding the difference between opinions and facts, building an argument using persuasive language supported by convincing examples, and using transition words and phrases.

Reading (A2) Readers completed their final i-Ready assessment for this school year. The goal is an increase of ten points improvement from the prior assessment (January 2018). Next week we will resume our reading of Esperanza Rising – we expect to just finish reading the novel by the last week of school.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3 Students just finished up their Geometry projects and we are now working on our Survey Projects that are due a week from today. Students will ask 50 student (25 boys, 25 girls) a question that can be answered as a number so they can create a frequency chart, double histogram (boys vs. girls), single histogram (total), circle graph and summary. The following week we will be working on integer operations to get them ready for seventh grade!

Reading (A3) We are going to continue working on short stories that deal with natural disasters and we will be incorporating literature circles into our class.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4) We are finishing our unit on Asia and moving on to Africa at some point next week.  This past week, we have examined Southeast Asia and how it is divided into mainland and island groupings, as well as South Asia and the spread of Hinduism and Buddhism.  Weekly map quizzes are still given each week and students are encouraged to get ‘Around the World!’ The final exam is scheduled for June 13, but there may be an additional test after that date.

Reading (A4) Students are free reading Mr. Conley’s novel, “The Dead Man Story.”  We have been discussing Mr. Conley’s writing style, and discovered that he has a love for unusual adjectives to create the characters and move the story along.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102)  This week students will be creating a soil profile  from the soil from their backyards. We will be using sieves to separate the different types of soil and creating bar graphs to show the delineation.  We will be using the soil for a lab experiment in which students will be changing variables to see how to compare controls and test samples. This will bring us to the first week in June and the start of the review packets for the Final examination that will be  on June 12th.

Reading (D102) Students started their final round of i-ready testing . This is one of the district developed method to test reading growth.  We expect to see an increase in reading progress by 15% Letters have been sent home for Developmental Reading instruction. All questions can be directed to Mr.Conley for more clarification on this placement.



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