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February  9,  2018

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) Students continue to enjoy Home of the Brave, a novel written in verse about a refugee from Sudan adjusting to his new life in America. Learning activities that promote comprehension and understanding include making a bookmark displaying students’ favorite examples of poetic language in the story, creating their own examples of poetic language based on common classroom objects, and using inference to uncover the meaning behind character motivations. Last week’s test focused on comprehension of story elements and written responses supported by text evidence. Journal prompts are given to connect the character’s experiences to those of students. Happy to say that the response to the book, our first time using it, has been overwhelmingly positive!

Reading (A2) The main character, Melody, a young girl with cerebral palsy, has finally received her Medi-talker and that has changed everything! Melody can communicate with the world around her in a way that was previously impossible. This past week, students reviewed the elements of summarizing and then summarized chapter eighteen. Additionally, each student is given a chance to read aloud from the text to improve his or her fluency skills.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)Students are still working hard on Chapter 5 in the textbook and we are having a 50 point quiz Tuesday on Fraction, Decimal, Percent conversions and finding the percent of a number. After the quiz, we will spend some time on metric conversions and other conversions. We are going to spend some time on real world applications of percents and ar learning how to calculate discounts and tips. In addition, we will look at short-cuts for figuring out real world applications of percents.

Reading (A3) We are continuing to read Flipped and we will also be spending time on word roots in order to expand vocabulary skills.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4) This past week in Social Studies we have focused on Scandinavia and the Mediterranean nations, including the tiny “micro-states.”  After viewing and note-taking on several different slide shows about the previously studied nations, students just created their own Mediterranean slide shows to be shown to the class.  Next week we will wrap up Europe by examining the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, including the Baltic and Balkan nations. Our emphasis here will be how most of these countries were on the “other” side of the Iron Curtain and how they have changed both politically and culturally since the ending of the Cold War, including the various break ups of Czechoslovakia, the USSR and Yugoslavia.  Next week students will have a “Quest” on Europe. I would also encourage everyone to watch the Olympics, especially the opening ceremonies-students will be amazed at how many countries they are familiar with AND where they are located!

Reading (A4) I am SO impressed by students’ i-ready scores! They should be incredibly proud of themselves and the hard work put forth to increase reading skills and comprehension!  One area that I would like to continue to work on is vocabulary, and a focus for the next few classes will be heteronyms, or words that read and sound the same but can have different meanings, like the word tire. Is it for a vehicle, or does it mean to be fatigued?  We are also continuing to read Escape from Warsaw, which is an excellent tie-in for our Social Studies unit on Europe.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102)  This week and next students will be conducting research on volcano types, the lava they produce and their explosive powers. This will segway into a lab on lava viscosities early next week  and  further help the students understand the similarities and differences between the 3 types of volcanoes found world-wide. The remaining part of the week students will be working on a group project  that includes a volcanic model and an oral presentation .

Reading (D102) i- Ready scores have been sent home with your student. Please be sure to check in with them on these . The students do not receive a hard copy and these scores are reflective of your child’s reading progress and growth. We continue to read two different stories and the students seem genuinely interested in these books. Please encourage independent reading over the upcoming holiday break.


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