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March 29,  2018

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) This week we are preparing students for next week’s MCAS exam. Assignments are focused on helping students plan and organize written responses and using effective strategies for reading comprehension. Following MCAS we will begin a unit on poetry with the goal of fostering an appreciation for writing, reading, and listening to poems. Mini-lessons will review poetic devices such as rhyme, stanza, figurative language, meter, mood, and voice. The unit will culminate with a collection of their written poems – look for them at Open House in May!

Reading (A2) We have concluded our reading of the novel Out of My Mind. Students enjoyed the story and the many valuable life lessons it teaches. Next up is Esperanza Rising, a story about a young girl, Esperanza, whose family flees Mexico for a better life in the United States. She and her family endure numerous hardships working as migrant farmers in the fruit fields surrounding Los Angeles. This heartwarming family story is a great read!

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3) We are continuing our work with Chapter 7 in the curriculum and we have begun to start really preparing for the Math MCAS test by looking at old tests and completing sample problems. The Chapter 7 topics that we are finishing up with are independent vs. dependent variables and inequalities. In addition, students will have multiple opportunities to practice with the math tools they will be using during the MCAS testing. The dates of the math tests will be May 9th and May 10th.

Reading (A3) We have finished the novel Flipped and we are moving on Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None. This is a murder mystery that follows ten “strangers” as they are lured to an island mansion. Once there, they start to die one by one and we watch them work to solve the mystery.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4) Our Russia unit is complete! By now, students have taken their final Russia assessment and have begun examining the Middle East.  For us, the Middle East region includes North Africa, Turkey and Southwest Asia. In this unit, we will spend more time comparing similarities and differences between the region vs. learning individual country specifics.  Themes of scarcity and surplus (water vs. oil) and conflict and resolution will be paramount. We will also build upon concepts touched on in Europe & Russia by looking more closely at what decides how a country is doing in terms of money, unemployment, natural resources, freedoms, etc. Weekly Map Quizzes are given EACH THURSDAY!

Reading (A4) We are nearly done with the novel Escape from Warsaw. Mrs. Gover also focused on Author’s Purpose, which is a great skill to review for the upcoming MCAS tests. Furthermore, we have spent some time learning more prefixes and suffixes that will expand vocabulary, and how to use combinations of all parts of words to make education guesses regarding unknown vocabulary.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102)  This week in science students are putting the finishing touches on their children story of the Rock Cycle. This project is the culmination of the Rock and Mineral unit. Students will be sharing their stories on their SeeSaw accounts that will be available for you to view at home.  These projects will also be on display during the Open House in May. Our next unit of study will be weathering and erosion and the students will be collecting data from their neighborhood on these processes. Weathering and erosion will help students understand the changes they see in the environment .  

Reading (D102)   Mrs. Gover prepared our readers with a lesson on Author’s Purpose. This lesson comes right before the ELA MCAS next week Tuesday and Wednesday April 4&5th. Students are presented 9 video clips and they are asked to identify the author’s purpose for the ad/ video. The topics are persuasion, entertainment or informative.  This is an activity you can easily reinforce at home when watching tv commercials. Try it tonight!


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