6B Newsletters 4/15/2016


April 15, 2016


LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-2) We have launched our poetry unit, and students have completed their first poem, one that reflects on a special memory. Each class begins with a poetry-appreciation activity that may include learning one of the many poetic devices that are available to them as authors, or writing short, personal reflections on the poems we read aloud in class. We have also begun including mini-lessons on reading comprehension and open-response strategies that will prepare students for the upcoming PARCC exam.   

Reading: (A-2) Students continue to make progress with their novels, all of which they are reading independently. Also, we have been reading short nonfiction selections that appeal to their interests with a focus on identifying the main idea. Additionally, following a reading, students will write responses to the selections that require them to compare and contrast, distinguish fact from opinion, or summarize what they have read. These are activities that will help them get ready for PARCC.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)We have been spending our time making sure we are preparing for the Math PARCC, which will take place on May 3, 4, and 5th. In terms of the math book, we are finishing up with Chapter 7. We will be starting Chapter 8, which deals with ratios and proportions, unit rates, and more practice with percents. We also will start on Chapter 10 and begin the Geometry portion of the curriculum. Please make sure that the students complete the review questions that will come home for homework assignments.

Reading: (A-3)We are starting to brainstorm ideas for a creative book report to show our understanding of the “secret book.” Students are also continuing to read a supplementary text on LightSail.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4)We are concluding our unit on the Middle East. Students will have an ending Quest on the Middle East after vacation, along with submitting their Human Development Index projects.   A few students from each block will be doing an edible project.  Ingredients will be provided so students are aware of what they are consuming. I look forward to seeing ALL projects!  From here, we will move onto Asia, starting with an overview and progressing to East Asia, including China, Mongolia, Taiwan, the Koreas and Japan.  Map Quizzes are given each week on Mondays. Students should be studying for them.

Reading: (A-4)We are nearly done with our novel and have had some great discussions regarding character development, families and brainwashing-all of which actually relate to the book. Students also took a quiz to determine which character was most similar to themselves and enjoyed discussing their outcomes.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Lynch D102) We are continuing our unit on weathering and erosion over the vacation.  Upon return the students will be doing a research based earth day project. The basis of this project is how countries deal with weathering and erosion measures and containment.  Student work on this will be displayed at Open House on May11th.

Reading (D102)   We are reading the mystery The London Eye which is a story of a boy who goes missing while visiting the historical London Eye . Students will be collecting context clues and information to help them solve this fun mystery.  PARCC testing for ELA will be on April 26,27, 28th. Make ups will be the following week. Please encourage pleasure reading over the vacation. Mr. Conley will be at Barnes and Noble this Saturday signing copies of his first published book. I highly recommend it for this type of reading.


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