6C Newsletter 10/16/2015


October 16, 2015

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Ms. Ellis A-13)We have finished our unit on the 5 Themes. I am impressed with the creativity students demonstrated on their 5 Themes collages! We are now spending some time on landforms. Students are creating a slideshow presentation which will be their assessment for this unit. Following this section we will study the various climate zones found around the world. In addition to the factors that affect climate (sun, wind, water, landforms, and people), we will also look at vegetation and location of the zones.

Reading: (A-13) We have been spending time with Mrs. Gover learning more about LightSail. Students have been making great progress. We will continue to read Among the Hidden with a focus on vocabulary, comprehension, and making inferences.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Sullivan A-15) Students will have a quiz on “Porcupine and the Sky Mirrors” and “The Fly” on Monday, October 19th. A review guide was sent home today. Students should be reading their fiction book report book at home. This book should be finished by Friday, October 23rd. Students will be working on a project, in class, using their book. This project will be graded. Students are learning about complete sentences and fragments.  

Reading: (A-15) We continue to read Holes on LightSail. We also are learning some root words in class. These root words allow us to figure out the meaning of words we may not know at first glance.

MATH: (Mrs. MacCurtain A-14) Over the next two weeks students will continue with Chapter 2, “Decimal Operations.”  There will be a quiz on decimal forms, comparing/ordering decimals and placing decimals on a numberline.  After that students will be learning about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals and there will be a quiz on all decimal operations.  Students will be using decimal squares, games and technology to help them learn these decimal concepts.  

Reading (A-14) Students will continue reading Among the Hidden on Lightsail.  They love the story!

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Richardson D-103) Next week we will conduct the Pepsi Challenge.  This is a fun lab that incorporates all parts of the scientific method.  If your child does not want to participate in the taste test, that is fine.  He/she will complete the written portion of the lab.  We are sensitive to allergies and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. During the next couple of weeks, students will have a test on the scientific method in place of the project.  A study guide has been provided.  The next topic of study is heat transfer.  Students will  learn about the three methods of heat (conduction, convection and radiation).  The science center provides us with some fantastic visuals and demonstrations.  

Reading: (D-103) We continue to read Babe and Me.  We continue to emphasize vocabulary throughout each chapter.  Next week we will discuss how the author creates suspense in the story.

HEALTH (Ms. Eovine) – Students will finish the G.R.E.A.T. program this week and Officer  Cross (school resource Officer) will finish in the classroom this week.  Students will have a short quiz on the material they learned during this unit.  The second week students will begin the “Second Step” program.  The focus the first week will be on identifying feelings, and learning about Empathy and practicing empathy skills using role-plays.


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16 10 2015
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