6C Newsletter 10/31/14


October 31, 2014

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Ms. Ellis A-13) Next week we will continue with our unit on culture, specifically the traits of government and economy. We are covering the basic types and parts of economic systems. Next week we will discuss various resources and their uses, population growth, and the environment. At the end of this unit there will be a quiz. Extra credit was due today and students that opted in did a wonderful job!

Reading: (A-13) We have finished Among the Hidden! Students are now working on their extension assignments which vary from creating an iMovie, designing a comic strip, or writing a letter to the author.

MATH: (Mrs. MacCurtain A-14) Students have just completed a quiz on Decimal Operations and will now move to Chapter 3, “Data and Statistics” and learn about mean, median, mode and range.  They will be doing the Heart Rate Activity, and height measuring activity in class to help them learn these concepts.  If there is time, we will start graphing.

Reading: (A-14) Students will finish reading Freak the Mighty. They will be watching the movie, “The Mighty” that is based on the book. They will be asked to compare and contrast the movie and the book.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Sullivan A-15)  Book report summaries were due today, October 31st. During the next two weeks, students should select a book for their second book report. Students need to select a non-fiction book and all books must be approved by me no later than Friday, November 14th. Students will have time in their reading groups to go to the MSMS library to select a book. They can also go to the Burlington Public Library where the librarians can assist them in their search for a book.  In class, students will learn how to write a persuasive essay. We will focus on topic selection, the use of persuasive and transition words, and researching and identifying facts that support one’s topic.

Reading (A-15) Students continue to read the novel Holes.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Richardson D-103)  The students had a test on the scientific method and measurement.  Great job!  Each child will be working on a lab report project at home and in school.  He/she will be applying all nine parts of a lab report and I hope that they have fun while testing!  The next topic that we will be starting is “Heat Transfer.”  The students will learn about conduction, convection and radiation.  Awesome demos will be arriving from the science center!

Reading: (D-103)  We are finishing up the novel Babe and Me.  Our next book will be Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick.  This is a heartwarming story about two boys, Max and Kevin.  They each have their own unique qualities and become best of friends through all of the challenges in their lives.

HEALTH: Ms. Eovine  : Students will be continuing the “Second Step Program”.  The focus next week will be on identifying emotions and feelings and learning about empathy.  Students will be involved in short role-plays to practice what they learned.



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