6C Newsletter 1/16/2015


January 16, 2015

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Ms. Ellis A-13) We will continue our study of Western Europe. Ireland, France, and Germany will be discussed. Physical features, climate, economy, history and culture will be important topics. There will be a European map quiz soon. We also have exciting news! We will be communicating with a 6th grade social studies class in Vietnam! We are getting some questions ready for the students and will be getting questions from them in return. An example of some of our questions so far: What time do you get up for school in the morning? Do you bring lunch or buy your lunch? What do you eat? What subjects do you learn in school? Do you play any sports? We will also be sending them a brief video to say hello and show them our classroom.

Reading: (A-13) We will continue to read Among the Imposters. Vocabulary, character traits and plot development will be emphasized.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Sullivan A-15) Students have been introduced to a new collection of short stories called Great Books.  The focus of these stories is on shared inquiry where the students respond to questions with more than one answer. Students must be able to use text evidence to support their opinions. The teacher does not lead the discussion instead the students respond to each other while using critical thinking skills. We will be reading one of the short stories from this collection next week. We will also be discussing pronouns and their use in writing.

Reading (A-15) We have begun the novel If I Had One Wish by Jackie French Koller.


MATH: (Mrs. MacCurtain A-14)  Students will continue in Chapter 4, “Number Patterns and Fractions.” Students will continue with equivalent fractions and simplest form of fractions. There will be a quiz on sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 of the book.  Students will then move to 4.4 and learn multiples and LCM.  This will lead into LCD of fractions and comparing and ordering fractions (4.5).

Reading (A-14) Students will be finishing Max The Mighty. They will also be completing an in-class project about the book.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Richardson D-103) The students just received their textbook, Earth Materials and Processes.  There is homework assigned in the book, so they should be taking it home and returning it to school each day.  Also, they have cleaned out their binders and their papers for the first half of the year.  This should be filed at home.  Our next big topic is “Plate Tectonics.” Your child will learn about the theories proposed by Alfred Wegener and Harry Hess.  The students will be creating seafloor models in class.  We will study the different plate boundaries and how it affects the earth’s surface.  The students did a great job on their science mid year!  Please check Aspen for their grades.  Reminder:  Extra Credit has been offered to the students for 2nd term.

Reading: (D-103)  We will have class discussion about the storyline and characters in the novel.  For example, “What do you think it’s like for kids like Max and Kevin to go to school?”  The students will be summarizing each chapter.

HEALTH: Ms. Eovine : Students will finish up their ½ year health course.  They finished with a quiz on drug categories and anti-tobacco ads.  Students in 6th grade will now move on to their ½ year course in computers.



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