6C Newsletter 1/30/2015


January 30, 2015

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Ms. Ellis A-13) Next week we will continue on western Europe. Germany will be our final country of the region before moving on to northern Europe. This group includes Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. As always we will emphasize vocabulary specific to these countries, as well as climate, landscape, culture, and history. Students have also begun their travel brochure project! They are currently involved in the research phase. All research should be completed by Monday- with the exception of small items such as images. Travel brochures are due by Wednesday, February 11.

Reading: (A-13) Students will continue to read Among the Imposters. We will continue to work on vocabulary as well as plot and character development.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Sullivan A-15) Students have begun the novel Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Our focus will be on character development and traits, using text evidence to support our analysis of the story, comprehension, and vocabulary. We will be going on a field trip Tuesday, February 3rd to the Stoneham Theatre to see Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka. Students will read this play at the end of the school year.

Reading (A-15) Students continue to read If I Had One Wish. Our focus is on comprehension, using text evidence to support our analysis of character and plot, and vocabulary.

MATH: (Mrs. MacCurtain A-14)  We will continue learning in Chapter 4, “Number Patterns and Fractions.” Students will continue with LCD and comparing and ordering fractions.  They will also be learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions.  There will be a quiz on these fractions concepts. Students will then be starting  converting between fractions, decimals and percents.

Reading (A-14) Students have finished reading Max the Mighty and will be completing a project based on the book.  When this project is done, we will begin reading Among the Hidden by Margaret Haddix.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Richardson D-103) We continue to work on the “Theory of Plate Tectonics.”  Students have learned the effects of different plate boundaries.  A test will be given on Chapter 4 next week.  We will be studying “Earthquakes” during the next couple of weeks.  Students will learn how compression, tension and shear forces make rocks move along faults.  We will conduct demos in class and begin our fun team activity of designing an earthquake resistant house.  A reminder that your science book should come to class every day.

Reading: (D-103) We will be comparing and contrasting the novel with the movie.  Students will make Venn Diagrams (graphic organizer).  Mrs. Gover continues to work with students on vocabulary and fluency.



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