6C Newsletter 3/20/2015


March 20, 2015

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Ms. Ellis A-13) We have completed our unit on Russia, and are moving on to the Middle East, which will be studied as a region. This region will include countries in northern Africa and in southwest Asia. We will begin with an overview of the locations, physical features and climates found in the region. We will also look at the surplus of oil and the scarcity of water in the area. After our introduction we will move on to individual countries, moving from west to east.

Reading: (A-13) Students will continue reading Freak the Mighty. We will continue to focus on character traits and vocabulary.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Sullivan A-15) Students had a chapter one through ten test for Where the Red Fern Grows on Thursday, March 19th. We will continue to read the novel focusing on the character traits of Billy, theme, and plot development. Students have started to write a character analysis essay focusing on two of Billy’s character traits.

Reading (A-15) We just finished the novel If I Had One Wish. Students are working on small extension projects which include changing the point of view of a scene in the story and comparing the story to a movie with a similar theme.

MATH: (Mrs. MacCurtain A-14)  Over the next two weeks, students will be finishing coordinate graphs and integers and there will be a short quiz on these concepts.  Students will be starting Chapter 7, “ Equations, Inequalities and Functions” with 7.1 (Writing Expressions and Equations) and 7.2 (Simplifying Expressions). Students will also be starting the Stock Market Project in class. This is a fun project that will teach the basics of investing money in the stock market while reviewing many math concepts that they have learned this year.

Reading (A-14) Students will continue reading Among the Hidden on Light Sail.  They are getting the hang of this new program on their ipads and are really enjoying the story.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Richardson D-103) We are currently studying “rocks and minerals.”  The students completed a mineral lab this past week and we will be observing metamorphic and sedimentary rocks next week.  Students will understand how these rocks are formed and will be able to describe the rock cycle.  This will lead to “weathering and erosion.”  We will be comparing mechanical and chemical weathering and how it affects our environment.  We will also start talking about the five agents of erosion.

Reading: (D-103) We continue to work on semantic mapping with the vocabulary in Hoot.  Roy and his new friends are investigating what’s really going on at the construction site and what they can do to stop it!


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20 03 2015
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