6C Newsletter 5/20/2016


May 20, 2016

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Ms. Ellis A-13) On Monday, students will have a map quiz on the countries in Asia. We will also spend some time on China, Japan, and the Koreas. We will take a brief look at the history, culture, landscape, and climates of these countries. There will be an end of the unit quiz soon.

Reading: (A-13) Students are currently working on a novel of their choice. We will be focusing on comprehension, character development and vocabulary.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Sullivan A-15) It was wonderful to see so many parents at Open House! Students have completed their poetry books using Book Creator on their iPads. Students will continue to use  the Great Books series in class. With each story, students are expected to think critically by asking questions of the text. This question asking leads to a student led discussion and written assignment. We will also continue to discuss compound sentences.

Reading: (A-15)  Students continue to read the novel Among the Hidden. We are focusing on vocabulary, comprehension, and point of view.

MATH: (Mrs. MacCurtain A-14) It was nice to meet so many parents at Open House and I am glad you got to see all the work your children have been working on! Over the next couple of weeks, students will continue with Geometry.  They will be defining important vocabulary, playing games and other activities to help them learn Geometry. They will be finishing their Geometry Ipad Project and there will be a quiz or two on the Geometry topics they are learning about.

Reading (A-14 ) Students are enjoying “Freak The Mighty” by Rodman Philbrick.  This is a great story about friendship and overcoming obstacles!

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Richardson D-103)  We are studying “Fossils.”  Students will be able to describe how fossils form, explain what conditions are necessary for fossils to form, and the types of fossils.  We will also work in cooperative teams  and observe different types of fossils.  This will lead to the study of “Geologic Time.”  REMINDER: Please return your McAuliffe permission slip and $18 soon if you haven’t already..thanks so much!!  The students will be preparing for our mission in class by working on some fun lessons/activities.  Your child will be assigned a job for when they attend the space center.

Reading: (D-103)  Mrs. Gover has introduced the graphic novel selection.  Students have been working in cooperative groups in literature circles comparing their stories.


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