6C Newsletters 10/30/2015


October 30, 2015

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Ms. Ellis A-13) Next week we will finish our unit on climate. Students have been learning about the 5 factors that influence climate (sun, wind, water, landforms, people) and the 5 climate zones. Students have also learned about the different climate types found in each zone. This will provide background knowledge once we begin studying regions around the world. We will be studying culture next.

Reading: (A-13) Students are almost done reading Among the Hidden! We will finish up next week and students will complete quick extension assignment.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Sullivan A-15) Students have finished their quarter one book projects in class. Students created a book using Book Creator on their iPads. They focused on identifying story elements from their fiction novels. In class, we are focusing on story elements found in fairy tales. Students will read the short stories, The Enchanted Raisin and Dragon, Dragon.  We will also be learning about simple subjects and verbs.

Reading: (A-15) Students continue to read the novel Holes. We did a Reader’s Theater in class where students took different parts (characters’ lines) from a chapter and read them aloud.We also have begun to focus on word roots.

MATH: (Mrs. MacCurtain A-14) Students have completed Chapter 2 and will begin Chapter 3, “Data and Statistics” with mean, median, mode and range.  They will be participating in the Heart Rate Activity to help them learn these concepts. There will be a quiz on these topics.  They will also be learning about graphing, frequency tables and box-and-whisker plots. If there is time, we will also start the Survey Project.

Reading (A-14) Students have finished reading Among the Hidden. They loved the story!  They will now be reading two books simultaneously.  They will read the sequel to Among the Hidden, Among the Imposters  and they will also be reading a nonfiction book on LightSail about Facebook.  Students will also continue to work on vocabulary, reading comprehension and fluency.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Richardson D-103)  The students have been introduced to the topic of heat transfer.  We will continue to conduct some great demonstrations in class so that students have a hands-on approach to learning these topics.  The students will be observing how popcorn is cooked by the methods of heat transfer.  We are sensitive to allergies.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  We will take a close look at how these methods provide heat in our atmosphere and crust.  These topics will lead to Earth’s layers.

Reading: (D-103) We just completed character sketches.  What a creative group!  
HEALTH (Ms. Eovine) – Students will be continuing the Second Step Program.  The focus will be on types of conflicts and how to avoid or deescalate them.  There will also be a lesson on Empathy and sympathy the first week.  A quiz will be given the second class meeting of the week.  A study guide has been posted on google classroom.  Week two students will learn how to use “I” Messages and be involved in role-plays to practice and become comfortable using them.  


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30 10 2015
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