6C Newsletters 12/23/2014


December 23, 2014

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Ms. Ellis A-13) When we return from vacation the students will study the United Kingdom. We will also be preparing for the midyear exam that will be given on Monday, January 12th. Students have been given a review guide. After the exam we will move on to the rest of Western Europe, starting with Ireland. Have a wonderful winter break!

Reading: (A-13) Students will continue reading Among the Imposters. Vocabulary, character traits, and plot will be discussed.

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Sullivan A-15) When we return from winter break, students will be preparing for the ELA mid-year exam which is scheduled for Thursday, January 15th. Students received a review guide prior to break. After the test, we will begin to read the novel, Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Have a wonderful winter vacation!

Reading (A-15) Students will begin a new novel, If I Had One Wish by Jackie French Koller.

MATH: (Mrs. MacCurtain A-14) Happy vacation! After the break, students will be preparing for the Math Mid-Year Exam scheduled for Thursday, January 8th.  They have been given a Review Sheet and will be reviewing in class for the three days prior to the test. After the exam we will continue in Chapter 4, “Number Patterns and Fractions.”  Students will be learning about common factors and GCF, multiples and LCM.  If there is time, LCM will lead us into LCD and we will begin fractions.

Reading (A-14) Students will continue reading “Max the Mighty.” Another five chapter quiz will be given and we will continue to work on vocabulary and comprehension.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Richardson D-103)  We will review when the students return from vacation.  The science mid-year will be on Friday, January 9th.  Every child has an outline of the major topics. A study guide w/ questions will be given on Monday, Jan 5th.  Following the assessment, we will move onto “Theory of Plate Tectonics.”  The students will learn about “Pangaea,” the supercontinent once discovered by Alfred Wegener, a German scientist.  Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!!

Reading: (D-103)  We continue to read, Freak the Mighty.  Max has learned that his father is a convicted felon.  We are discussing the term conflict and how Max’s character is developing.

HEALTH: Ms. Eovine – Students will be starting the substance abuse unit.  The focus will be on learning about the different drug categories and the social, emotional, and physical side effects they have on the body.  We will also be discussing the difference between “Drug use”, “Drug abuse”, and “Drug misuse”.


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