Team 6A Newsletter 10/17/14


October 17, 2014

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Leslie A-17) Students did an excellent job on their landform projects this week and took a test today to conclude the unit.  If you haven’t already done so, I recommend you check out the blog to see examples of some of the great things that students did for their projects.  Now that we have finished the unit on landforms and climate zones, we will begin our unit on Culture.  The unit is very broad and includes what makes up one’s personal culture and also topics such as government and basic economics.  Throughout the unit, students will be working on various assignments in order to help them better understand culture and how it relates to them.  The first term ends on October 28th, so any student that owes me work or would like to retake a test or quiz needs to do so by then.

Reading: (A-17) As we have been reading the book Holes, students have been working on various pre and post reading activities. These include literary circles, fluency building activities and assignments designed to increase connections between the student and the novel.

MATH: (Mrs. Tate A-18) Students have begun chapter two in the textbook which covers decimals.  So far students have been learning about decimal place value, number lines, and number forms.  Students have also learned how to round and compare decimals.  We have been doing several in class activities such as speed stacking, hanging up the “laundry,” iPad decimal games, and JogNogs to reinforce these decimal concepts.  Next week we will be having a quiz on these introductory topics before we move into decimal operations. The math blog ( will have information about the topics covered on the quiz under each block’s homework page.

Reading: (A-18) We continue to read Freak the Mighty during class.  In addition, students have been learning about onomatopoeia and creating presentations about it on their iPad.  Students continue to practice working with new vocabulary words on

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mr. Conley A-19)  We have read our first fairy tale, Dragon, Dragon, a humorous update on the traditional fairy tale. Students will learn what the common elements of fairy tales are and how they are both similar and different than those found in folktales. We will begin a nouns unit next week that will encompass common, proper, plural, and possessives. The fiction book report is due next Friday and that should be completed in Google Classroom.

Reading: (A-19) We have begun using LightSail, a new eReader that measures student progress with a multitude of reading metrics such as, speed, vocabulary, comprehension, and utilizing effective reading strategies. We are all learning how to use it together, but it appears to offer a fun and interactive reading experience for students. Eventually students will be able to self-select their own books from among more than 4,000 titles.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Shea D-101) : We are well into our first extended project, the pumpkin plant experiment.  Students have done research in order to create a set of experimental and control plants  in the classroom.  The plants have begun growing, and students are recording data and observations.  We will use this data to create a group lab report with a visual component.  We have recently had our second quiz on scientific method, please keep an eye on Aspen for grades.  I have also created a blog which can be found at  The blog has pictures of our lab work, short descriptions of units of study, and a classroom calendar.  Homework postings and class discussions are continuing on google classroom.

Reading: (D-101)  This week we have begun using our online reading app, Lightsail.  We are continuing with the same novel, When You Reach Me, by Rebecca Stead.  The lightsail app allows for assessment within the reading, conferencing between the student and teacher, and creates opportunities for class discussion.  For more information about lightsail, please view the informational video at

HEALTH: Ms. Eovine – Students will be sharing in a healthy eating day first class meeting of the week.  I will be making smoothies and students will contribute healthy snacks approved by the teacher.  Students will begin the violence prevention unit which uses the “Second Step” program.  The focus will be on defining the different types of conflict and ways to resolve them.


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17 10 2014
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