Team 6B Newsletter 9/5/2014


September 5, 2014

LANGUAGE ARTS: (Mrs. Hewitt A-2) Hello, parents and students of 6B. Thank you students and parents for a wonderful start. We survived opening lockers, finding the gym, and learning the schedule. I know that the kids will all quickly settle into the daily routines. Please make sure both blue LA books, (Literature and Writer’s Choice) are stored at home. Also I hope everyone was able to read and sign my classroom guidelines. Students took their summer reading quizzes, and will get scores back shortly. If anyone does not perform well, do not worry. I assure you, we have plenty of other assignments and time succeed and shine in LA class. I want the kids to start the year with confidence. Our first unit of study is “Old Tales, New Twists” in the Lit book. Students read myths, folktales, fairy tales, and legends. Many of these stories have been passed down from generation to generation. Expect a test on reading comprehension to happen within the next couple weeks. Look in the agenda for the announcement of the specific date. I look forward to meeting you all at Back to School Night soon.

This fall, we will take a field trip walking to the Burlington Public Library; so be on the lookout for the permission slip coming home (once I have coordinated the dates with the youth specialist). Also I’m excited to announce we have booked Willy Wonka, February 3, at the local Stoneham Theatre!

Reading: (A-2)  How is reading block different than LA? Reading meets only 3 times a week. Your child can have any of the teachers for reading. Meanwhile, LA is one of the 4 major subjects (math, social studies, science, language arts). In my reading block we will start with Al Capone Does My Shirts. The premise of the book is 12 year-old Moose moves to Alcatraz in 1935, so his father can work as a prison guard and his younger, autistic sister, Natalie, can attend a special school in San Francisco. We will start with pre-reading activities, activating prior knowledge and building background.

MATH: (Mrs. Crowley A-3)Welcome to 6B Mathematics! I am very excited to start this year. This year in Math, we will be covering many different topics ranging from Algebra to Geometry. We will utilize the iPads almost daily, and I know the students are already familiar with some of my favorite apps. I am sending home my expectations sheet for both the students and parents/guardians to look at and sign. In addition, we will be completing weekly multiplication facts tests that students should be prepared for. On the expectations sheet, I have listed a website that will help students prepare for these tests. I know this will be a great year!

Reading: (A-3) We have had an excellent start to reading, but next week we are going to start our novels. We will be starting with 2 different novels, A View From Saturday by E. L. Konigsburg and The London Eey Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. We will start with the actual paper copy of these books, but will soon move to reading them on the iPads with a program called Light Sail. The reading specialist for grade 6, Mrs. Gover, will be working with the students and me to help learn this new program and its outstanding benefits.

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mrs. Sturtevant A-4)Welcome to 6B Social Studies! I am so excited to be meeting all our new 6B’ers, and so far the transition to MSMS has been outstanding!  By now, students should have brought home a parent expectation letter, explaining the curriculum and goals for the year, as well as grading policies and supplies that need to be brought to class daily.  The textbook will remain at home, and I would suggest having colored pencils at home for which to color maps.  Students have also taken a pre-test which is not graded, and have begin the geography curriculum. We begin with some basic map skills like the compass, map reading, types of political boundaries (country, city, town, etc.) and map distortion. We will then be moving on to the 5 Themes of Geography which will shape all subsequent units. I’m looking forward to an awesome year!

Reading: (A-4) I’ve enjoyed getting to know my A4 readers this week. We are also very lucky in that  our reading specialist, Mrs. Gover will be coming into our class at least once a week to help with vocabulary, comprehension and reading strategies.  We will be selecting our first novel and starting it next week.

SCIENCE: (Mrs. Rafferty D102)We are off to a good start for the 2014-2015 school year. It has been wonderful meeting our new students and it looks like it’s going to be a great year. Our first unit covers the science inquiry skills. Students will be learning about science process skills and the scientific method. We will discuss the skills of observing, communicating, describing, and inferring. We will soon be doing hands-on experiments in class and analyzing our results.

Please check your child’s agenda daily to ensure he or she is completing the nightly assignments. Communication in and out of school is key to each student’s success.

Reading, (D102)We are reading P.S Be Eleven, by Rita Williams-Garcia. The setting for this novel is the 1960s. The story follows the lives of three sisters, Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern, growing up amid the radical changes of that time period. Our reading specialist, Mrs. Gover, will be joining our class on a weekly basis. She will share lessons to help develop our students’ reading and comprehension skills.

HEALTH: Ms. Eovine – Students will be learning about nutrition and exercise.  The focus next week will be on the “Food Guide pyramid”, healthy after school snacks choices, and reading food labels.  The second class meeting of the week students will be designing new food labels using their ipads.



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