Middle School Concept

Our middle school is an educational response to the needs and characteristics of children during early adolescence and, as such, deals with a full range of intellectual and developmental needs. Marshall Simonds Middle School attempts to adapt school programs and practices to the individual differences in the intellectual, biological, and social maturation of students. Our school is flexible, diverse in culture and ideas, respectful, and caring. Our common goal is to create a school in which improving student learning is central. All students are held to high expectations, risk taking is  valued, and the process of learning as a life-long experience is encouraged.

In our middle school, a genuine concern is present for the importance of each person’s role, whether student, staff, or parent. Children and adults learn from each other in an environment where mutual respect and the value of every individual is recognized. A sense of humor prevails, while enthusiasm for learning and the sharing of ideas is nurtured.

The Team organization at MSMS is an essential characteristic of exemplary middle schools.  Marshall Simonds has 3 teams at each grade level.  Teams help to break down the size of the middle school, communicate about curriculum and student issues, and adjust their schedules for maximum program effectiveness.

Team 8A

Ms. Mantia – Math

Mr. Pearl – English Language Arts

Mrs. Volpe – Social Studies

Mrs. Gorham – Science

Mrs. Barbati – Guidance

Mrs. Miksenas – Special Education


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8 07 2010
Michaela LaPrise

Go 7C!!!

26 08 2011

If you begin… begin well and make this the best year of your life

12 04 2012


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